Targeting Multiple API Levels In Unity

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Targeting Multiple API Levels in Unity: How to Ensure Your Game Runs Smoothly on different devices. One of the most crucial things you as a Unity developer need to think about is making sure your game works well on many devices, regardless of its API level. This blog post will go over the best practices for targeting different API levels in Unity.

Targeting Different API Levels

You can choose to design a game in Unity with a particular API level in mind. This implies that you have a choice as to which Android or iOS version your game will run on.

Although Unity by default targets the most recent platform version, not all developers will find this to be the ideal choice.

For example, if your game is meant for an ageing version of Android. You might have to make some changes to ensure that it works properly on devices with that API level.

Similarly to this, if you want your game to be play by a larger audience, you could want to Target Multiple API Levels In Unity to make sure that it works on a variety of devices.

Best Practices for Targeting Multiple API Levels

Here are some best practices for targeting multiple API levels in Unity:

Test on multiple devices: Make sure to test your game on a variety of devices with different API levels to ensure that it runs smoothly on all of them.

1. Use Unity’s Player Settings: 

Unity’s Player Settings allows you to set the minimum and maximum API level for your game. This will ensure that your game only runs on devices that meet the specified requirements.

2. Use Unity’s scripting API compatibility level: 

Unity’s scripting API compatibility level allows you to choose which version of the Unity scripting API to use. This is useful if you want to use new features that are only available in the latest version of Unity, but still want to target an older API level.

3. Use Unity’s API Updater: 

Unity’s API Updater is a tool that helps you update your scripts to the latest version of the Unity scripting API. This can be useful if you want to target a newer API level, but still want to use your existing scripts.

4. Use Unity’s Deprecated API remover: 

Unity’s Deprecated API remover is a tool that helps you remove any deprecated API calls from your scripts. This can be useful if you want to target a newer API level, but still want to use your existing scripts.

How do I authenticate the API key?

There are several ways to authenticate an API key, including:

  • The easiest and least secure technique is to send the key as a parameter in the URL. The key can be easily intercept because it is expose in the URL.
  • Sending the key in the request header is a safer option because the key is hidden from view in the URL. You can add the key to the value of a custom header, like “Authorization.”
  • Utilizing simple authentication With this technique, the request headers contain the key in an encoded manner. Although it is less secure than delivering the key in the URL, token-based authentication is still safer than this method.
  • Then using OAuth2 is a token-based authentication method. It allows you to authenticate an API key without sending it with every request. Instead, you first exchange the key for an access token, which you can then use to authenticate future requests.

It’s also worth noting that there are many other ways to authenticate an API key Targeting Multiple API Levels In Unity. 

Is the API key the same as the access key?

Both an access key and an API key are use to authenticate and authorize access to an API, which is where their similarities last. The precise meaning of these phrases, however, can change based on the situation and the API in question.

Any developer or service making API queries must have an API key, because which is an alphanumeric code. It is commonly given by the API supplier and is employee to track usage and collect API access fees.

An access key, on the other side, is an each identifier was using to verify the legitimacy of a user or service making an API request. So, it is frequently link to a particular user account and serves to grant access to the account’s features and assets.

An access key is an identification that a user uses to authenticate and authorize access. To a certain set of resources or features connected to their account. Whereas an API key is the identity that a developer or service uses to authenticate and authorize access to an API.


Any developer should take into account the importance of targeting different API levels in Unity. Your game will operate smoothly on a variety of devices if you use Unity’s Player Settings.

Scripting API Compatibility Level, API Updater, and Deprecated API remover. Don’t forget to test your game on many platforms to make sure it functions properly on each one.

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